DoorDash February 2020 Coupons

5$off First purchase
10% Off, Save Max $5
Get $15 off on group orders over $30
Save $10 Off Sitewide
Get $7 Off Your 1st Item

Discounts and Deals at Door Dash:

The best way to help you save money every time you order is with Dash Door’s Dash Pass. This brand new service is for our devoted customers, for just a small monthly fee you can receive $0 delivery on all of the best cuisines from the latest and greatest restaurants around.

You can save on your first order, when you refer friends. Also sign up to receive credits when you refer a friend to the service. The more friends you refer, the more credits you'll receive.  

Combining coupons and convenience is another great way to save more on Door Dash by getting our Door Dash promo codes $15.

Return Policy:

Door Dash has no obligation to provide refunds or returns. Door Dash offers no warranties or returns of any kind. It is simply a marketplace that acts as a connecting agent between customers and local businesses.

On canceled orders, as long as the restaurant has not yet started preparing your food order, you can cancel by clicking the icon of a person wearing a headset, in the upper-right corner of your screen.

Simply click Cancel Order, and your order will be canceled. You will be refunded the entire price of your order, including delivery and service fees.


How can I work with Door Dash?

You can become a Door Dash driver with our Driver’s app. All you need is a driving license and a vehicle to start your decent extra income with us.

How much I can earn with Door Dash?

You can earn more up to $2-10+ depending on the estimated time, distance, and desirability of the order. With Customer's tips and Door Dash Promotions you can earn extra money.

How long does it take Door Dash to deliver?

The average delivery travel time on a Door Dash order is only 37 minutes from when the order is placed to drop-off.

What are the delivery charges on Door Dash?

Our standard delivery fee is $5.99. This can go up as high as $8 depending on the time, distance and restaurant. During certain promotions, you can get discounts on delivery orders over $15.

Does Door Dash have free delivery?

Stores that enroll in “First Order $0 Delivery Fee” will deliver your order for free. Also when you sign up for Door Dash, you will be eligible to get free delivery on every order for up to 30 days time. This discount will be applied to your account as soon as you first create your Door Dash profile.

How do I enter a promo code on Door Dash?

If you are a new customer you need to sign up for a Door Dash account. Enter your address and select a restaurant that you want to deliver food from. After placing your order in “Checkout”. Under the “Payment” section you will see an option to “Add Promo Code”. Enter the code to redeem your discounts.