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Headquartered in San Francisco and co-founded by three gentlemen in 2011, Postmates is changing the way things move around cities by enabling anyone to have anything delivered on demand. Whether it’s a book, new headphones, alcohol, or a brand new shirt for tonight’s event, they will deliver it you in no time. Our innovative built-up Logistics system connects customers with local couriers who can deliver anything from any store or a restaurant in minutes.

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Return Policy:

Postmates has no obligation to provide refunds or credits as issues with any products they deliver need to be handle by the retailer directly. However, Postmates, in its sole discretion, may provide consumers with refunds, courtesy delivery or product credits, or make promotional offers with different features and different rates to any consumers.

Postmates Free Shipping Policy

For a monthly fee of just $9.99, you get free delivery on all orders over $15. Also when you refer a friend to Postmates and they make an order for the first time, you will both get a Postmates promo code for free delivery credits.

To refer your friends and start saving right away, just open up the app and press the “gear” icon. You’ll be able to see your unique Postmates code. Send this code to as many friends as you want. Then, once they enter your code during checkout, they’ll get free delivery on their order and your free delivery credits will be credited to your account immediately. Get your Postmates free delivery code today.


How do I redeem a Postmates coupon?

Open the app or go to the website to enter your address and browse for local offers, restaurants, and delivery options. Add your desired items to your shopping cart and select your cart to begin the checkout process. Find the link to “Have a promo code?” on the order summary page. Select the link to open a text box and enter your coupon in this box now. Press “APPLY” to apply your discount to your order and continue checking out to confirm your savings. Postmates promo code new user and much more. Get Postmates promo code free delivery and Postmates promo code today.

If I am having any problem with my order, where I can contact Postmates?

If you’re having any issues with Postmates, you can always contact customer service, and get your issue resolved. Just visit the website and click “Customer Support” from the provided list of links. Click “Email” and select the category of the issue you’d like to report. Follow the on-screen instructions to contact a customer service representative, and get help for your issue.

Can I send items to someone in other cities using Postmates?

Yes! All you have to do is change the search address in the address bar at the top of the app or on the main page of the website to see which merchants are available in that city.

Can I track my order on Postmates?

Your order's status is displayed on a tracking screen in your Postmates app. Once Postmate has picked up your order, you can track their location.

How long does Postmates delivery take?

When your order is accepted, the screen will display an Estimated Delivery Time.  The time is based on a number of variables and factors about your order, like food preparation time, Postmate location, your distance from the pickup location, traffic, and other factors.